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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not a fun diversion story - Run-in with Verizon Customer Service

Sometimes, we all waste time in activities that bear no relationship to fun. I have been fighting with Verizon Wireless for about two weeks - so far - in an attempt to purchase a wireless broadband USB device and service for my father-in-law who lives in a rural area in Florida where Verizon is the ONLY choice for reasonably high speed internet connectivity.

For some odd reason, Verizon does not seem to want my business, even though they spend tens of millions of dollars advertising their products and their network.

Today I spent more than 40 minutes on the phone with customer service to try to figure out why they cannot seem to understand that I am who I say I am despite my having gone to their local store with all of the identification needed and despite having sent that information via fax to the phone number they provided to me. For some odd reason, their internal communication procedures do not allow them to make contact with customers to tell them that there is a problem with their order, nor can they help the customer understand just what the problem is and what they can do to correct it.

In my case, the credit review department has demanded that I sent them a fax of my driver's license that they can read. I have a Florida driver's license - as anyone with such an identification knows, that state issues some very secure photo ID's with holograms that are not designed to be readily faxed to anyone. However, that is the only choice that Verizon's customer service representatives will give me in order to complete my purchase.

Today, I let the representatives know that I was recording the call. It is kind of boring, but there are some interesting exchanges. It is especially amusing to listen to the course of the call while paying careful attention to the marketing messages provided by the hold music.

If there is anyone at Verizon in marketing, I hope you listen and think about how much money is being wasted in the effort to attract customers while the people who are supposed to close the deal stubbornly refuse to offer any hope that there might be a way to actually pay to join into the network - at least in my case.

For your amusement, here is the audio that I captured during the call. The only edit I made was to remove the one or two seconds that it took to provide the last four digits of my SSN. The rest is exactly as it transpired on Saturday, February 7, 2009.

Verizon "Customer Service" Call February 7, 2009



At 1:37 AM, Blogger Soylent said...

Verizon's credit department appears to be an impenetrable black box with which you can only communicate via chinese whispers through various confused intermediaries.


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