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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sign of the Economy - Ships Stacking up in the Chesapeake Bay South of Baltimore

I have been riding my bike along the Bay Ridge shore of the Chesapeake Bay for at least the past six years, and I have never seen as many ships anchored in the Bay as I have during the past few weeks. Three of the ships are obviously car carriers, the other six are general cargo ships or container vessels. Though I cannot be completely sure, it appears to me that the very same ships have been visible for at least the last 5 days.

This is a troubling development that reinforces all of the bad economic news that I keep hearing on the radio. Normally ship owners try to keep them moving with cargos. Ocean going ships are expensive capital investments that do not make any money unless they are moving materials from point A to point B. If there are a bunch of ships hanging out near a major port like Baltimore, MD, I wonder if the same sights can be seen around the country?

The included photos are a bit foggy; that was the weather on Tuesday when I took them. I saw the ships more clearly during today's ride, but neglected to bring my camera along. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for capturing pictures. In the meantime I think you might enjoy the below photo of a couple of the ships with an interesting cloud pattern above them.


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