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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kayaking on Spa Creek

It has been a very long time since I last shared some thoughts and photos about my diversions like biking and kayaking. So many of my trips are pretty routine bits of exercise, but I live in a terribly beautiful place that really deserves to be shared on occasion. This morning I put in at Truxton Park and paddled out the Spa Creek, across the Annapolis Harbor, and across the Severn River. It was a beautifully calm day, and I was out early enough to avoid the churned up water left behind by some of my more massive fellow boaters.

Here is a view of Spa Creek from water level.

The creek is surrounded by beautiful waterfront homes but it still retains some working marinas where one can get a boat repaired. I have actually been inside the shop at Sarles - one of the most well organized mechanic's shops I have ever seen. Here is a photo from water level of their marina.

One last image to leave with you. When people around the bay talk about alternative energy, those who have never done much sailing say things like - why don't we just do like the Germans and build some windmills. Here is a visual that I want you to remember when people make that kind of comment. I took this photo yesterday while biking on Bay Ridge. It is looking from the point back into Annapolis Harbor. If you look closely, you can see the Naval Academy Chapel dome.

Notice how little motion you see in the foreground. Translation - no wind, no power.

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