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Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanks for a beautiful, gray day

My wife often thinks I am crazy when I come in from a ride on a gray, drizzly day, proclaiming how beautiful the weather is. My excuse is that I have spent enough days underwater in a submarine - where there is no weather at all - that I simply enjoy all of the variations that nature (God) provides. Another way to look at it is through the eyes of a friend who once told me "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing."

Yesterday morning was one of those gray days, so I put on several layers, wrapped my iPod into a Ziplock baggy and a fanny pack and set out for an early morning ride. My wife and I had already agreed to go for a walk in the park, so my ride plan did not include a trip into town for a cup of coffee.

Instead, I decided that it would be a great day for an exploration of some of the water privileged communities along the South River and Chesapeake Bay. This ride includes some wonderful vistas, some interesting architecture, and a couple of areas with unique histories. I neglected to bring the camera, but the below map provides at least an inkling of the type of terrain available. Please forgive the squiggly route tracing, it is due to my limited artistic ability and available tools. (Did you ever try tracing a street with a trackpad cursor?)

There is, of course, a certain amount of duplication and doubling back on such a route, but I managed to cover a bit more than 20 miles in about an hour and a quarter. Though it was certainly gray and cool, the rain held off. I was not the only one out, there were plenty of walkers and cyclers who apparently had the same idea of getting in a good workout before sitting down for a Thanksgiving dinner.

It was a great start for a wonderful day. The promised walk in the park was also joyous and provided a further excuse for significant overeating during dinner. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Veteran's Day thoughts

On November 10 and November 11, the weather in the mid-Atlantic region was outstanding. Bright sunshine, crisp early mornings, warm afternoons. Each day, my ride started just after sunrise when there are few people stirring. By the time I finished, it was mid morning and there were not even any outside tables available at my favorite Annapolis coffee and book shop. Oh well, when the weather is fine, the chances are that there will be lots of people interested in sharing it.

On November 11, the choice to take a break in Annapolis near the end of the ride was well timed. I had a chance to read most of the Sunday (it comes out on Saturday) Washington Post and digest all of the commentary from around the world on the recent American elections. As I read, people were gathering for a Veteran's Day ceremony. A local high school band, several Boy Scout troops and representatives from a number of local veteran's organizations joined city leaders for an inspiring celebration and memorial of what service men and women have done for the country.

With the bright sun and breezy weather, the flags were highlighted and snapping. I will freely admit that emotion overtook me as the speakers talked about the sacrifices and as I remembered the hundreds of noble men and women that I have known during the past twenty nine years that I have carried a military ID card. The thought that caused tears to actually stream was the thought of a young man who went to school with my daughter and is now lying in a bed in Bethesda without any legs and with serious internal injuries. God Bless, Andrew.