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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Annapolis on Mother's Day

One of my favorite habits is to ride at first light. This morning, after taking care of some correspondence and doing a bit of blogging on the topic of nuclear power plants, the birds outside my window told me it was time to get rolling. Since it is Mother's Day and I had a date with my wife for breakfast, I planned on a shorter than normal ride.

Since I occasionally see things on these early morning rides that even other townies never see, I thought I would snap a few pictures to share. Here is a photo representative of the "traffic" that you can see on our main street; I often share the road with the trash guys and the dog walkers.

Annapolis has one of the best sailing harbors in the country, if not the world. Even though it is not yet summer, many of the moorings are already occupied by overnight guests. It is not even time for the normal migration from southern ports to points equal to or north of here. (One interesting fact I learned last year in a conversation in a local sailor's haunt was that insurance companies often offer lower rates to owners that move their boats north during hurricane season.)

In case you are wondering just what kind of biker I am, I thought you might enjoy a picture of my Schwinn Sierra. This trusty frame is one of the earliest mountain bikes made in America; I purchased it while stationed in Monterey, CA in 1985. Many of the components of the bike have been replaced since then.

The GPS keeps track of my speed and mileage and helps if I decide to get outside of my comfort zone and explore. The trunk makes me look a bit like an old fogy, but it contains my spare tube, a small tool kit, a dry bag for my electronics, and gives me space to carry home a bit of breakfast or the morning paper. Since I am out for exercise anyway, extreme weight savings or aerodynamics are not very important to me.

I get the bike tuned up each spring and love the comfortable ride. No shocks, but those wide tires absorb a lot of the bumps from my urban riding and occasional off road escapes. (If you look really closely at the little skiff behind the bike, you might be able to see a plastic cleat. I used to be the General Manager of the company that made those cleats for Carolina Skiff.)

Have a great day, especially all you Mothers out there!


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